Chihuahua Dogs and Kids – How to Make a Happy Home

Chihuahuas have become extremely popular as the small dog breed to own. Over 20% of all small dogs owned are the Chihuahua breed. According to our research, Chihuahuas are fully 22% of all dogs owned. In thinking about this number and recognizing my own sons are just starting out in their lives, there are likely a large number of those Chihuahuas living in families with small children. One thing I keep reading is that Chihuahuas are not the dog of choice when children are part of the family. So, this article discusses how to make Chihuahua Dogs and children live well in one happy home.

In short, if we truly treat the Chihuahua dog as a child, we are likely to have success as one happy family. For example, human babies are more fragile than human adults. So, too, the Chihuahua dog is more fragile than larger or big dogs. You would not let anyone hold your baby that might drop it; rather you would sit the person (child) down, place the baby in the lap of the child and be there to monitor so that the child does not drop, squeeze or otherwise harm the baby. The same procedure is true for socializing a child and a Chihuahua. In fact you might choose to put pillows and blankets around the child while they are holding the Chi – this all provides and shows security to the Chi and it shows to a child how careful they must be. You might even reference to the child how sometimes they are not allowed in certain places because they must first learn to be very careful and tell them that the same is true of the Chihuahua – they must first learn how to behave with the Chi then they will be able to play with him.

Here are some other helpful hints:

Just as a child has their own room, a Chihuahua or other small dog breed should have their own sleeping and feeding place. By doing this the child learns to respect the “personal space” of the Chihuahua

It is known that to make eye contact with a child on his level makes an adult seem friendlier to the child. A Chihuahua may actually see a smaller human as equivalent to another dog – Chihuahua dogs are very territorial. Rather, the trusted owner should pick up the Chi and introduce the family pet while they feel safe and secure. Let the Chi come to you.

Just as a child is told to ask before speaking, so too should a Chihuahua be trained by his trusted owner not to lick (at least not excessively) or bite – simply achieved by holding the Chi close and covering his mouth

Just as a child has play time, so too should a Chihuahua have cues that it is “play time” and other cues that tell him it is not time to play

Just as a child should be held and cuddled, so too, should a Chihuahua or any other family pet

The difference is the baby will grow to an adult, but the Chi will always stay small. You would not want to be holding any dog and accidentally drop it, but a Chihuahua or other small breed dog is likely to suffer more hurt than a larger dog when suffering a fall. Essentially, trust needs to be built between the Chihuahua and those with whom it lives and a family can do that by introducing the Chi and the child slowly and always with security in mind for both child and Chihuahua.

Source by Jim Ordale

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