Perfect Procreation – How to Beget That Perfect and Beautiful Child of Your Heart’s Desire

Biological procreation begins as the fulfilment of sexual desire. Procreation, an act of great responsibility, begins as the desire to propagate and perpetuate oneself on earth. For wise couples, the procreative process begins with a well planned sexual communion or intercourse – the outward ritual of an inward process through which human souls sojourn to mother earth to experience life.

Enlightened couples will do well to avoid unplanned or forced procreation. Sadly enough, most conceptions today occur without the mutual consent of one or both partners; and this does more harm than good to both the foetus and the mother.

That fleeting moment of sexual ecstasy whose consequence compels a would-be mother to bear nine months of pregnancy that gives her little or no joy; and forces a foetus to absorb nine months of cursing and anger from an unhappy mother-to-be, is better avoided.

For wise couples therefore, the bringing of offspring into the world should be by choice, not by chance. When couples desire and decide to procreate, and before they enter into procreative communion, they should follow certain procedures to prepare and harmonize themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That way, they are sure to attract unto themselves baby angels with the qualities they desire.

Such couples must be truly in love, good health and high spirits. Negative emotions such as fear, anger and resentment must be replaced with positive ones such as love, peace and harmony.

Before the procreative union, couples may observe a short period of sexual fast, during which time they pray and focus on the qualities they desire in their new-born baby. A moderate sexual fast increases desire, virility and potency. Avoid day-time procreative unions.

Also, during the procreative communion, couples should endeavour to focus their thoughts on each other, so that their offspring may resemble or take after them. If any of the partners indulges in imaginative adultery during procreative sexual intercourse, the offspring may take after the personality imagined.

Finally, couples must embark on this all important mission with love and care, fully aware that their sexual union is the genesis of the coming of another human being unto earth; and with the understanding that their union shall be fruitful and a blessing, not only to themselves but to all mankind.

The man-on-top sexual position is ideal for procreation, as it allows full and deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, which ensures that the semen, assisted by gravity, is deposited as close as possible to the entrance of the womb. This improves the possibility for conception and allows the couples to adore and savour each other’s endowments as they perform their sacred duty.

Equipped with better knowledge of sexual secrets, couples become empowered to make intelligent and well planned expression and execution of their highest creative mandate – to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 1:28).

Under optimal conditions of love, mutual consent, harmony and free flow of creative energy, such couples are sure to beget ideal souls in perfectly formed bodies, unto planet earth.

This excerpt is from the book: Sexual Energy Transmutation – the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius.

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